I desperately need to know! Is there any sort of summer vacation plan reserved for spouses of teachers?!


Today is Adam's last day of school!* What a crazy year. I feel like rolling down my windows and tossing all my graded tests out the window while bathing in glorious freedom that is all mine for three months.

Except, I don't have any graded tests, I still have to work and I couldn't even bring myself to actually throw stuff out the window when I was actually in high school.

Waaah, waaah.

...At least it's a three-day weekend?

Congrats to all the teachers out there for working hard every day.

(And also, a gentle reminder for said teachers to be really nice to your spouse who still has to get up every morning because rubbing it in that you get vacation and they don't is SO NOT FUNNY.)

*I literally rolled out of bed this morning and said, voice still froggy, "Happy LDOS, Adam!" And HE KNEW what I meant!!! Never underestimate the power of abbrevs.


kimberly said...

oh man. one time my first year of teaching I threw away a whole pile of tests. oops. and yesterday it took me 9 hours to organize my classroom. ridiculous.

lauren said...

Hahaha...LOVE your abbrevs. Perf.

lauren said...

And congrats to both you and Adam for surviving the school craziness!!

Rebecca said...

Ditto. I mean, what? Like we don't work hard every day? Ugh. And PS - how do you not throw things out the window but when I'm in your company, throw water balloons out of car windows? Riddle me that.

Sara said...

Kim--you are amazing. You should get double summer.

Lauren--Bff. ;) And THANK YOU!

Becca--I have no idea what you're talking about but if I WERE to POSSIBLY CONSIDER such an act (hypothetically speaking), I suppose the difference would be...sheer lack of willpower and total caving to the very best peer pressure.

...I would also like to add that you left my phone number for a certain waiter after a certain game of sugar packets and gallons of chips and salsa so let's talk about THAT!