• Eating this. Straight out of the pan. Twice. GO MAKE IT! (Then invite people over or risk eating it for every meal. I am serious. Unless you have much more self-control than me. Then I am jealous.)
  • Thinking about that $5 cardigan I didn't buy at Target, even though I really felt awesome at finding such a good deal. It wasn't my color and I probably would only wear it a few times but somehow I had a hard time putting it back on the rack. I know it makes me sound shallow. But if you really stop and think about where you spend your money, I bet you'll find some really strange habits perhaps including a bizarre desire to purchase a brown/green cardigan just because it is so on sale and just my size! 
  • Remembering that moment when we were packing up to return home from the Dominican Republic. We were told that if we had any clothes to donate, to pile them under the coffee table in the living room. And even though I had purchased clothes specifically to wear on the trip and leave behind, there was this unexpected tension I felt when actually adding things to that pile. I honestly found myself feeling a bit of panic at the thought. The skirts were fairly easy to part with since they were long and not in style. But when it came time to donate a few shirts it was this weird tug in my mind, this pestering thought of ...but what if I need that someday?! Crazy, I know. And this is coming from someone who's been actively sorting through her closet and donating full bags to the thrift store! I guess all I'm saying is you can tell yourself that you are above these people or so totally socially conscious and roll your eyes at materialism...but you know what? It probably has a much deeper hold on your heart than you'll ever realize. It does for me anyway. Here's my challenge to you: go fill three bags of stuff to donate. Can you do it?
  • Desperately hoping something grows in those three filled pots sitting on our front porch. My pride is on the line here. Fingers crossed! (Also, sending death glares to the stupid squirrel that is back to his devious self and had the audacity to get caught red-handed pawing his way through my so carefully planted seeds. RUDE.)


Katie said...

Okay so this completely goes against the message of your post, but since you mentioned Target deals, I have to share this with you. Did you know they have coupons? If you go to the bottom of their website they have a link. My favorite is when they post coupons for clothing and I can get an even sweeter deal on the already clearanced cardigan!

But I will actually tie back into your post here...I was totally excited about using a $3 off any apparel coupon to get a cute pink cardigan for $1.50! Got home, hung it in my closet, woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my closet rack crashing to the floor. Definitely a wake up call that I had one too many shirts hanging in my closet...

Sara said...

Katie--I will have to check that out! So sad about your crashing closet...spring cleaning season? haha. (but seriously, $1.50 for a cardigan?!?!!? YOU WOULD! That is amazing.) :)