My brother recently read that book I love and it got me thinking again about its premise--live a better story.

I know, I know, it sounds so touchy-feely but is it really so impractical?


Adam and I have been attending a class Sunday mornings about a Christian suburban couple who started wondering why the Bible mentions loving the poor so much and if, in fact, they should too. Ten years later, they manage missionaries in India while organizing and supporting local missions in their Kansas City neighborhood.

Yet he still says with all sincerity, "I'm not a brave person. I'm just a regular guy."


Recently I've been blown away by this documentary (available for free in its entirety!) and found myself wondering, how did I not know more about them before? And even more, could I have done it?

Today I came from a work meeting where we gathered around a table and went around listing first our own professional strengths and then one at a time, we listed each others' strengths as we saw them. I know, again, touchy feely, but after that we were told to reexamine what we do each day so that we are building on our strengths instead of constantly trying to improve our weaknesses.

"This is really cool," my almost-retired colleague said. "I've never once felt like I've had a job where I'm doing something that I'm really good at and as I look back, I think, I really didn't ever get to show my worth."


Today I'm just a twenty-something newlywed who has a one-bedroom apartment, two growing (!) pots of flowers, a mounting to-do list and nothing to eat for lunch.

But there will be a day when I look back on this season and those that follow and I wonder what will I see?

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