In the last three days, I have been sucked into a little thing called Lost.

Yes, I am six years behind.

Yes, I have seen everyone's anticipatoryANDexcited/seethingORloving/tearfulORticked/defensiveORoffended facebook updates regarding the finale.

But it doesn't.even.MATTER!

It's like when Jack finds out Kate is the prisoner (gasp!)!!! LOOK WHO I HAVE TURNED INTO!

It's true.

I am a mere eight episodes into Season 1 and after all this time and all the eye-rolling I gave the show's die hard fans and all my snobby "Pssssh! It is SO no Dunder Mifflin..."...

I am now totally that person who cannot help but wonder WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?! and WHO HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD?! and CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?! and most of all, WHEN CAN WE WATCH ANOTHER (FIVE?!) ?!?!?!!?!?

In summary: Obsessed.


R.W. Shipshape said...

I knew I was in trouble when I was alone, eating a breakfast sandwich at work. A crumb fell on my chin and I seriously considered this thought: If I lived on the island, would I continue to wipe my mouth??

Sara said...

That's hilarious! I shuffled to the coffee pot yesterday and was so engrossed in LOST thought that I forgot to pour the water in and merely pushed "ON"! I came back five minutes later to really warm water...and unused grounds. Dang it. haha.