And that's the way it is.

(Pause while you sing that Celine Dion.)

Life right now is a growing into time.
Roles and expectations twisting and turning
And I struggle daily to keep up.

Life right now is a grace giving time.
Learning patience and giving and patience again
And getting more than my fair share in return.

Life right now is a boundary pushing time.
Saying yes when it's easier to say no thank you
And being (mostly) pleasantly surprised when I do.

Life right now is a firm believing time:
In friendship that crosses miles and time zones
In family who can never be replaced
In foundation laid brick by brick as we reach month five (!)
In faith that what is, is good, and what is to come will indeed, one day, come.


kk said...

any blog with a Celine Dion reference as a title...I'm hooked!

Sara said...

I knew you would appreciate that!!!