• Throwing "...and did you know we are GODPARENTS?!" into every conversation possible. And loving it. Because we love her!
  • Reading this and this...and just finished this (and now want to read this...I know, out of order, SO SUE ME!).
  • Disturbed immensely by this and this...and wondering where the media is at in covering the story...OH WAIT, they are in Florida with that one guy. Awesome.
  • Wishing that my new infatuation with baking would somehow translate into better abs? Ehh? There's always hope!?!!?!

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The Delimonts said...

Can I just say that I love you and your blog!!

lauren said...

I just saw yesterday that Wendell Berry is speaking in Brookside on 9/23!

Maybe he has some tips on getting rid of squirrels, too!!!

Sara said...

Terri--can I just say that I love YOU!!!! Thank you for reading friend! You are the best!

Lauren--NO WAY! The hilarious thing is that we are driving to SALINA to see him two days later!! hahahaa. Ohhh wow. (but I would love to see what he says about squirrels!)