Enquiring minds want to know:

With the predominance of skinny jeans, are men having to consider underwear lines these days?

And do you think you're out of the honeymoon stage when you discuss plantar warts...and not "generally speaking"?

And do you think it's socially unacceptable to unzip my boots--full disclosure: NOT WEARING SOCKS! EEK!--when hiding in my cubicle?

And do you find it an ethical issue when determining whether or not to give aid to Pakistan versus Haiti?

And how do you make sense of the world around you? ...or do you?

Do tell.


lauren said...

1. I have always wondered about boxer lines, actually, so underwear lines are a secondary question.
2. I think "generally speaking" is actually more worrisome...then you're really scraping the bottom of the conversation barrel.
3. Go for it! What happens in your cubicle stays in your cubicle!
4. Yes.
5. I'm trying to. Wise, loving friends really help.

Brian S said...

1) Nope. Consider this your primary source...haha
2) Um...ew.
3) Again, gross.
4) Yup. But let's be real....We're not out to make a better name for ourselves. We're just trying to save face.
5) I most definitely do not. That's too many headaches for my liking.

kimberly said...

sara! I adore you. I laughed out loud thinking about panty lines, which, coincidentally, beth moore was talking about on our small group video last week. I need more of you in my life!

Sara said...

Edit for #4: timely article on Pakistan donating: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129605789&ft=1&f=100

Lauren--#2) ha! Good point! What a positive spin!!! #5) Agreed. And thank you. :)

Brian--#1) I knew I could count on you...#4) I heard a speaker yesterday. He's an American, who was born in Pakistan, and discussed this crisis and his country from his perspective. It was interesting...and inspired such a question. I think it's a complicated issue.

Sara said...

Kim! Thank you!!! I had SERIOUS panic attacks randomly throughout the evening. You can tell I am not a risk taker. But HONESTLY. It just hit me yesterday that it would be a major bummer for guys if it were true. According to my brother, it is not. haha. AND YES! Ice cream date?!?!?!

rachel rianne said...

4. yes yes yes. it's a huge letdown -- our response to pakistan vs our response to haiti -- but the thing is that i found it rather unsurprising. it was more like the haiti response was the surprising thing, and it had me thinking, "...this never really has happened before, but how many natural disasters occur around the world anyway that go unbeknownst or unacknowledged by the american people's hearts, let alone their wallets?" it made for a very bittersweet and conflicted perspective of mine toward the movement for haiti. and now the lack of support for the pakistanis affected by the floods make for a pretty ashamed and somewhat jaded view of americans and what we do with our money and effort.

Sara said...

Rachel--Yeah there is definitely a huge contrast in response. I think the NPR article touched on a lot of the main reasons--type of catastrophe, (lack of) media coverage and finally (most influential, I think) fear. It's a very strange time...and oh how quickly fear spreads.