Go ahead and file this under "Worst Nightmare."

"...The critters have a mouth full of 50 sharp teeth, tend to exude a foul odor, and can occassionally contract rabies..."




lauren said...

Ha! I love the caption under the pic in the article: "Marsupial marauder." So, you feeling better about that squirrel now?

Sara said...

ha! Not exactly. Actually, my friend told me a crazy story about a former neighbor who so hated this marsupial (which happened to have planted itself right in front of their apartment door) that he threw a softball through his own window (from the inside) in an attempt to scare it away. He failed...but did manage to get said softball through my friend's window. At midnight. Which resulted in a police call.

Oh what a world we live in! haha.

(but honestly I can't judge him...I mean what would you do?! Okay...probably just using the back door would suffice. But still.)