Everything's okay.

My brother-in-law played this for us this summer (because he is always up to something interesting and has a way of livening up a place) and lately it has been popping into my mind now and then.

I'm not a Hank Williams fan really and to be completely honest, I can't stand songs that contain speaking.

But somehow this chorus resonates. A reminder of resilience and hope in hard times. A prodding to remember that this is not the end of the story. (Silly as it may seem.)

We’re still a-livin’ and we’re prayin’ for better days
So - after all, ever’thing’s in purty good shape.


lauren said...

Wow...that was a lot of talking, but it was durn right nice, if'n I do say so! Thanks for sharing. I'm happy to have had that easygoing, looking-up attitude in my day.

Sara said...

Ha! I know. I think I had to listen to it a couple times before I got it all straight...durn it. ;)