So this is love.

Caution: I had cookies and a latte for breakfast. Because that's the kinda girl I am. Consider yourself warned. Sugar high ahead.


The alarm didn't go off yesterday and I was all HOLY CRAP IT'S 6:45! GET IN THE SHOWER! MOVE MOVE MOVE!! YOU HAVE TEN MINUTES TO GET OUT THE DOOR!!!! (and yes, the exclamations absolutely DID grow exponentially with each phrase)

And when Adam realized I was indeed completely serious, move he did.

And he was rushing. And I was scurrying. And if you know either of us, you know that is a LOT OF FRANTIC!!! In ONE SMALL SPACE!!!! And DO YOU WANT A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH OR A FROZEN BURRITO FOR LUNCH?! I KNOW, LIVING THE GOOD LIFE, YES YOU ARE!

In minutes, he was almost ready to go and our hearts were settling down a bit and as he was buttoning up his shirt I decided the most helpful thing would be to assist him in wardrobe.

--Let me take a quick tangent to say that I have never met anyone who approaches getting dressed like my husband.

In college, he was known (really, honestly) as The Guy In Black. Black t-shirt, black hoodie and jeans. Every day. Period. You could count on it like you can count on me inflecting my voice A LITTLE MORE THAN NECESSARY just to MAKE A POINT.

The all-black wardrobe was an exercise in simplifying his life and he did it well.

So well, in fact, that upon graduation, when he had a job that required him to wear a mint green polo (OH THE HORROR!), he made a habit of rushing home as soon as he got off work just to change from said polo into the black t-shirt/hoodie combo before meeting up with anyone.

My friend and I once made the drive to his job just to see Adam IN COLOR with our own eyes.

Since his teaching days, he has made a complete 180 and begun wearing dress shirts, slacks and a tie every day. Because he is a professional (and because he does not want to be confused with a student). And I cannot TELL you what a stir that caused in our community! Adam!!! In color!!! Dressed up!!! SERIOUSLY!

But the thing is, this dressing up and looking dapper thing has its drawbacks. Because now, well, it is not so easy getting dressed in the mornings. No siree, there are colors to matched and hues to consider and suddenly this wardrobe thing is quite the daily consternation!

--So, this crazy, frantic, RUN HURRY MOVE IT! day, I dash to the closet to throw him a tie.

I grab one of my faves--the gray one with colored stripes--and shout, "IS THIS ONE OKAY?!"

To which he replies in all earnestness, "I DON'T KNOW! IS IT NEXT IN THE ROTATION?!"

Which nearly causes me to fall over with a fitful of giggles and have yet another reason to love this quirky guy who I am blessed to share my life with.

Mainly because this quirk is NOTHING compared to my seriously overly-complicated way of doing laundry.

But I digress.


The Delimonts said...

I'll have you know that I literally laughed out loud when I read the quote about "next in rotation". LOVE IT!

lauren said...

That is SO. CUTE. I love it!!!! Aw, Adam...

Sara said...

Terri--that is awesome. haha. I was worried it wouldn't come across as being as hilarious as it was to me. Because I literally DID TOO! :)

Lauren--I know. I hope he agrees and doesn't hate me for this...

The Delimonts said...

P.S. The title of this entry made me think of Cinderella. Was that your intention? Love that movie!


Sara said...

ha YES! And I love you EVEN MORE for getting it!!! That was my favorite movie of all-time growing up. Seriously watched it every day (until my mom made me turn it off). Gusgus was my fave!!!!

The Delimonts said...

Yes me too!! When he tries to get too many corn kernels. Crazy mouse!

Sara said...

HA! YES! I am so glad we understand each other. I need that on DVD. (cough cough...ADAM IF YOU ARE READING THIS...cough cough) Then you can come over and we can watch it followed by The Wedding Singer!

rachel rianne said...

ohmygosh sara, i LOVE that!
i love when guys are subtly systematic about their wardrobes. i feel as if more of them are than we realize... but no one could make it more lovable than adam -- AND you and your reaction :)

Sara said...

haha I know! It was hilarious! I mean, I have occassional days where getting dressed is stressful but not usually. Adam...well the system saves him from pulling his hair out (or twisting it in crazy knots when it gets late--ha!)