It's no big deal. really. I mean, it's totally normal and makes complete sense and after all, it's that time of year.

There's a chill in the air and thus it is only natural to want to gather together, to share in warmth and conversation, to fill one's belly with warm and delicious things.

Or in some cases, to wiggle into another's abode UNINVITED and nibble on yummy deliciousness that IS NOT YOURS and stake a claim in this comfy new location just because YOU CAN.

To cause panic in a certain apartment dweller who finds out that a small vermin--tiny! miniscule! harmless! Who doesn't love a Gus Gus?!--has INVADED the downstairs apartment. MERE FEET FROM WHERE SHE LIVES!

(Okay fine, only one was spotted but we ALL KNOW that Gus Gus DOES NOT TRAVEL ALONE!)

But yeah, it's cool, as he said, "I wouldn't worry about it. Don't change anything unless you see one. Just pay attention."

And I'm like, dude, I'm not sure if you have met me, but I am the QUEEN OF COOL. HA! HA!

A MOUSE?! Downstairs?! Oh, my! Call me when you have NEWS because until then I am just one calm human.

No I did not check my shoes today. No I did not move our applies into the fridge. And check the cereal bag. And the granola bars. TWICE!

And EVEN IF I WOULD happen to see a sweet little furry critter zip across the floor...


I think we can all agree that there are more important things to worry about...

...WHOOPS! I lied.


Kelley said...

haha. when i lived in the lighthouse i found not one but two mice in my bedroom!!! bedroom. one in my drawer and one under my bed. i had nightmares after that. vowed i never would live in that house again(this was the humboldt house). the one in under my bed freaked me out the most bc i just pictured it crawling on me as i slept! freaked me out. hope you don't ever have to experience that. set a trap and put cheese wrapped in peanut butter on it. sounds weird but it was the think that caught the pesty beast the quickest. hopefully you dont have one though but just in case. (sorry if i now have caused you to be freaked out and overly paranoid) ;)

lauren h. said...

Then I won't mention the friendSSS we had visit our place...rhymes with BATS. (Although we do have bat friends visit occassionally too...) Fun fun fun! haha

Sara said...

OMG! Kelley! I cannot even imagine. EEK! Thanks for the advice. So far, we are mice free (knock on wood) but I think I'll be grabbing some traps just in case so those tips will come in handy! I am not going to lie, I have started checking the bed before I get it in just because it totally freaks me out to think of anything burrowed near my toes. ha! p.s. I have not made it out to get that book yet but I am hoping I still will this week. If I miss this one, I'll join in next time!