Things you should know:

1. I am having a Very Good Day.
3. I am trying not to let #2 trump #1.
4. I would like a good recipe that uses lentils, legumes, barley, quinoa...these sorts of things. Anyone?
5. I have one book, two Oprah magazines and two Cooking Light's on my desk. Overly ambitious/selfish? Maybe.
6. I made this on Monday and ate it with lots of friends. It was good. Time with friends was even better.
7. My husband used this word last night and I made him look it up. I was wrong. But seriously, who knew?! I think he got lucky.
8. We've been popping popcorn on the stove top for a snack. My favorite is adding butter + cinnamon + sugar. It is awesome. (It is not awesome when you think that you've closed the popcorn kernel bag and pick it up rather exuberantly only to discover that NOPE! Unopened! Kernel shower all over the kitchen floor!!! It was not awesome...but it was kind of funny.) Humor really makes life livable, you know?
9. We are watching a lot of this and while I love it, I have to confess that I've always kind of thought Winnie Cooper was super whiny/annoying. Also, did you know she is on book covers these days? True.
10. As I was zipping through the cafeteria at lunch today, I went to reach for a cup lid as a white-haired woman rounded the corner. She leaned in to me and said, shaking her head, "Everybody's in a hurry these days." "Yeah," I agreed with a smile. Funny how much Hurry you see when you look for it. Scary how much Hurry I have inside of me all the time...She made me miss my grandma.


kimberly said...

4. ON IT. give me a few days. I've got one that is really, really awesome. I heart lentils.
8. "humor really makes life livable." YES. I am so behind this. and I think about things like that every day when little things like that happen in my classroom. I think it's important to show grace in those situations; to others, and to ourselves.
9. yes, WC is annoying. I agree. have you watched the episode where kevin likes the girl french class, but the only thing he knows how to say in french is "would you like some butter?" so that is what he keeps saying? I think about this pretty much every time I am eating dinner with people and there is butter on the table.
10. I love when people in public talk to you like that. it makes me happy when others interact with me.

kimberly said...

ps, I like the title of this post. I think I will steal it. soon.

Sara said...

YES Kim! I can't wait!!! We haven't seen the butter episode but I will be on the lookout! That is hilarious!
10. ME TOO.