Take Good Care of Each Other.

I heard this song not too long ago and it has popped into my mind more than once lately. Isn't it funny how that happens?

I usually have a hard time relating to other people's posts about music mostly because it's difficult to communicate why something strikes one just so. Why this song? Why this moment? etc.

But I think if I could have something burned into the back of my eyelids--something I see each time I blink (too graphic? sorry.)--it just might be Take Good Care of Each Other.

Because who couldn't use that reminder a little more often?

And how fun it is to look around and really recognize the people who take good care of me.

To those people, thank you.


luke said...

i'm just wondering if you've happened to notice the connection between your increase of blogging with your fast from facebook. it's fun!


Sara said...

Ha! Yes Luke, yes I have. I have also noticed an exponential increase in my time spent on Pinterest. ;)

(But the writing part has been fun for me too.)