It's nice to get outta town now and then. Pack a bag (or five if you aren't sure what shoes you want to wear. I get it.). Hit the road. Breathe some new fresh air into your lungs and take it slow for a bit.

It was that kind of weekend for me--much anticipated, much needed. One of those that I'm not ready to let go of quite yet.

So if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to let my mind linger a bit on the easy breezy life that was last weekend--Cinnamon roll for breakfast! Donuts for lunch! Free brewery tour (?!) Where to next? walks with my husband down sunny streets playing Remember when?...--and wrap myself in blissful oblivion so as not to see the chaos that inevitably finds us on that drive back home.

These times away can make life inconvenient, but man are they ever worth it.

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