Trend setter.

So, I know I am a total sucker for things like this but there are several reasons I deemed this worthy of posting for the masses:

#1: 3D Printing: blows my mind.
#15: Brigadeiro: I want one. (or five...purely for research purposes OBVIOUSLY)
#16: "Buy One, Give One Away": I like this trend...especially if the given one is given to one in (actual) need.
#25: Digital Downtime: This is why technology scares me...I guess we all need help setting limits?
#31: Electronic Profiling: WHAAAAAAAAAAAA?! Terrified.
#35: F-Commerce: Stupid.
#38: Global Disease, Refocused: LOVE LOVE LOVE. Oh here's hoping...
#43: Ignorance is Bliss: Worth discussing...torn as how this affects social justice versus national security.
#61: NKOTBSB: OMGOMGOMG my inner 90s tween's heart just flipped. Just kidding. (?)

...and that's just (mostly) the first half! Let me know if anything strikes you.

...and happy snow day-ing if you are one of the lucky ducks that can claim such a wondrous occasion!


kimberly said...

I totally want to go see nkotbsb. like so for real.

Austin & Terri said...

I, like you, work at a hospital and do not have the luxury of snow days. Oh the agony!!

Sara said...

Kim--HA! I know! And even though their tour acronym is ridiculous...I kind of think it's awesome...!

Terri--I know. Girl, I KNOW. It's brutal. And living with a teacher is like salt on the wound. haha.