Shine on.

And he smiled out at us, face gently creased into a well-worn smile, and said:

"She was my lifelong friend and I will miss her dearly."

And we wiped our tears.

He continued, "I spoke with the family and was privileged to be among them as they lit their memory torch and shared many fine moments with her."

And we remembered, torches burning brightly.

He went on, "And I thought I would share with you one little nugget you may not know and that is this--"

And we listened.

"I found our old high school yearbook," he said, "and written beside her photo was one simple phrase that I feel embodied her then, embodied her throughout, embodies her now--

"Anita," he recalled, "the Human Sunbeam."

And we wrapped that around us and tucked it inside our grief and carried it to our corners.

And we miss her.

And she shines on.


Katie said...

What a great way to remember your grandma! Love you friend!

Sara said...

Thanks friend. Love YOU!