Ooh la la.

So, we've been married for almost nine months now (!!!) and have yet to put much of anything on our walls.

Besides an insane spring-cleaning itch, I am currently uber-antsy to make our apartment a little more of a home. Tell me I'm nesting I DARE YOU.


I follow several blogs for fun ideas and inspiration and thought I'd share a few that have caught my eye as of late. All of these are available to purchase via one of my faves, etsy.com.

I have actually been working on a few of my own (nothing too fancy, don't get excited), which I'll post sometime soon. Like maybe if they ever grace our walls.

At any rate, these prints have caught my eye so what better to peruse on a winter Wednesday? Enjoy!

Here via here.




lauren said...

I love these!!! I'm nesting for sure -- there doesn't have to be a baby on board for it. Although someone did ask me recently when I was due. Ugh... Can't wait to see what makes it onto your walls!!

Sara said...

Thanks friend! I thought they were fun. Also, a TAD past due on our forlorn walls. Somehow, I was attracted most to bright greens which wouldn't exactly work out well considering our paint job (haha).

And whaaaaaaa?! People be crazy. SERIOUSLY.