Life as a country song.

Oh HEY everyone!

Just typing with trembling fingers in our place WITH NO HEAT! At least it makes wearing my robe indoors less weird. BONUS!

Adam says we're making a memory and will laugh about it later. We'll see. Right now I just want to poke the eyeballs out of the last two weeks. And then make it carry out my Christmas tree with its teeth.

Too graphic? Too honest? My social cues are a tad rusty these days. Which may or may not have led to me totally losing it at the terrible cell phone store of the century. After FIVE visits to your store in a SEVEN-day timeframe which included THREE waits for more than an hour, TWO crappy phones and ONE seriously frustrated new customer (Adam)...and a partridge in a pear tree...yes, PLEASE tell me about that "restocking fee" and your "corporate policy regarding box-cutting." Oh! And what's that you say? Each new customer gains you, sir, a mere $18 so we're really nothing special? FABULOUS. YOU'RE A GEM.

I could go on but I have some consumer complaints to write (oh yes I will!) so to close, I will just say this:

Guess who spent New Year's Eve playing a marathon of this childhood fave and won all three times?!



kimberly said...

Sara. I adore you, and your candor. and the fact that you initially found it weird to wear a robe indoors? like do you normally wear it outdoors? I'm being serious. I don't have a robe and I don't know.

Consumer Complaints said...

Hi all,

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Vedder said...

The guy actually told you and Adam that? What? Crazy...

Sara said...

Kim--I adore YOU for helping me tell a kindergardener that my husband stole her candy! ha! Umm yeah good catch about the robe. I guess I feel insecure about wearing a robe other than the 15 minutes after a shower and before getting dressed. I would advise against wearing it outdoors. But what do I know--I put shampoo on my loofah this morning. Dang it.

Consumer Complaints--The text of my posted complaint follows. The store was in Mission, KS and can be found if you google "verizon wireless mission ks"
--Worst customer service EVER!!! I will never do business at this location again and I've been telling everyone I see to do the same. Made me want to leave the company altogether. Three representatives--NONE wanted to do anything but read their "policy" and implement ridiculous fees (such as a restocking fee...a $35 charge for returning a phone they sold us that DID NOT WORK). Five visits within seven days--three of which were over an hour long. AND my husband was a new customer!! We left feeling frustrated and disrespected. Terrible experience. Don't give them your business.--

Tony (I think this is Tony?)--the "we're nothing special" was not said but definitely implied. After all we had endured, they were (a) refusing to refund our crappy phones that didn't work because the VZ employee had cut the Item ID off our rebate boxes (yes, the EMPLOYEE did this) thus rendering it un-returnable...then (b) ALSO trying to charge us a $35 "restocking fee" for returning said phones. That did not work. That they knew did not work. That they said so many had been returned they "should probably stop selling them." Anyway, in refusing to pay this silly fee I asked them to please stop working on commission. He then said they really don't make much from a new sale. I then asked how much value they put on a new customer.

Annnnd end rant. :)