It's amazing what a surprise lunch date, a p.m. latte, a finished project and (can I say this?) freshly waxed eyebrows can do for a rainy day attitude.

Bring it on, world.

(My apologies to any male readers--do I even have those?--who winced at the word wax. All I have to say about that is YOU HAVE NO IDEA.)

Carry on.

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lauren said...

I so know what you mean. Productivity + pampering (wait...does waxing count as pampering?) = happy me.

Sara said...

haha. I do not know my friend...I do not know. ;)

Pancho Villa said...

Um,you have at least one. I am not daily or weekly, but I CATCH UP. Waxed eyebrows are delightful. I have done that...yes I have.

Sara said...

Ha! Tony you are a wildcard. Glad you are popping in now and then. :)