To Pete.

I was thinking of you today.

It was lunchtime and I was eating apple butter and for some reason that always reminds me of you.

Today, it was one bite and poof! suddenly I was a shrieking six-year-old trying to escape your tickling fingers--my pigtails bobbing as I wriggled from your grasp.

And the house smelled faintly of cigarettes and baking cinnamon rolls and I scurried up to kiss your bristly cheek and offer you a plate of plastic food (and you took it and played along).

And Brian took his usual seat right next to you (he always was your favorite). But I can't blame you because he was pretty darn cute. Plus, he didn't make you sit through dance recitals every year. (Sorry about that.)

Remember when I had sores in my mouth and couldn't eat a thing and was a major ball of fussiness and you took me to get milkshakes? That was the best.

And then there was the time that you bet me $5 I couldn't finish all those little squishy puzzles you kept on the coffee table. You gave me one hour. And I did it! And I loved it. And as I took my cash with glee you grumbled, "Never doin that again..." and then gave me a wink to show you weren't really mad.

Grandpa, you should see everyone today. Jeff is finishing medical school, Jamie is living in Italy, and even little Brian is all grown up! (And I mean UP--he is taller than Dad, I KNOW! Who would have guessed?!)

And GET THIS! You'll never believe it--Justin is married and expecting the first grandbaby! Grandma is so excited. She really misses you.

Well, shoot. Now I am getting all sentimental and choked up when all I really wanted to was drop by and say hello. And thank you for the lunch date. It was really good to see you.

I like to think that you're sipping on a soda somewhere just like you did as you waited on Grandma to finish shopping all those years. More than 50 years in fact. That's a lot of soda. But I guess that's what you do when you're in love.

I better go now, Grandpa. Life is a bit busier than it was back then. You know how it is.

Wish you were here.



p.s. I really wish you could have met Adam. You would love him! Grandma tells me that all the time and we all know not to argue with her. :)


Rebecca said...

Just a little tear, thinking of one mine...Fred. :)

Rebecca said...

one of*

Brian S said...

Well written. I like this one alot.

(I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry...haha)

Here's to you gramps...

Sara said...

Becca--Pete. Fred. I love grandpa names!!!

Brian--thought you might enjoy that. (and you SO were the favorite...haha)