A young girl enters each day--timid, wide-eyed, silent, aloof.

And each day I smile and say "Hey! How are you?!" and she says nothing and just stares back, blinking her thick lashes slowly.

I wonder who she is and what's her story and what she dreams about all day.
And does she know she has value?
And is she full of hope?
And does she feel loved?

And I can't help but think that someday--someday--I'll at least get a smile.


lauren said...


Sara said...

Me too. :)

Topekan said...

I'd like to think that she'd at least notice someone smiles and says hello. Small things like that can mean a lot to people.

Sara said...

Thanks Brian. I would like to think so as well.
p.s. Love the blog title! haha.