Tick, tock.

Over lunch with my favorite new-grad who is K-State bound in the fall:

Me: So, how's summer been so far?

Her: Pretty good!

Me: What have you been doing?

Her: Well, at first I did nothing. Just hung out with my friends'n'stuff. And it was awesome. And then I started working for my dad.

Me: Oh! How's that been?

Her: It's been okay. I mean, I like the job alright. It's pretty cool. Except...

Me: ...?

Her: ...well, I started off working 8 hours a day and HOLY CRAP those days get so LONG!

Me (immediately depressed): Yeah.

Her: I mean to think of doing that EVERY DAY. DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. For eight HOURS. In one PLACE!

Me (weakly): Yeah...

Her: I'm sure it gets easier though. Right?

Me: Uh...right...(afterdayafterdayafterdayafterDAY)


lauren said...

Haha. Oh yes. You know it's bad when you start looking for excuses to go to the bathroom or get water. Boring days at work are good for my hydration.

rachel rianne said...

bahah seriously,
i second that bathroom excuse notion.
because at a full time job...
the bathroom suddenly becomes your SANCTUARY.

Sara said...

Lauren--Ha! TOTALLY.

Rachel--Santuary=the perfect word.

jessieg said...

You don't know how I struggle with the day after day after day after freaking stupid project deadline after another. I sometimes fool myself and say, today will be amazing and a completely different job than yesterday. Here's a hot chai tea latte because today is special. I live for 6 p.m. (because that's usually when I'm leaving work), yoga, and the weekends!