Faux pas.

Eating one of these...

which is as big as this...

while sitting here...

So sorry, office mates.

I would like to say my etiquette is generally top-notch but I am afraid that is a lie. Exhibit A: my "cave man arm" so (un)subtly pointed out this morning in between shoveled oatmeal bites. WHATEVER, ADAM!

The list does not end there but for the sake of my pride and (mostly) because I can't think of any of Adam's un-Emily-Post-esque behavior, let me end with two things that have captured my attention in between crunching and (quietly) munching and dripping appley juices on my to-do list (ehh, it's worth it):

1. Trying to wrap my brain around this which caused um, shall we say quite a stir?


2. Luh-hu-HUVing everything about this.

Photo by Sionnie. Who is awesome. Times a mil.

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