And then That Day came.

And we loaded up your bags. And it was pouring rain. And I tried my hardest to keep my chin firm and my voice from wobbling.

And my stomach hurt and my head ached and when the sun peeked out, I reached for my big sunglasses with relief.

And you were so excited. And nervous. And excited.
And I was nervous. And heartsick. And trying to be brave.

And before I knew it, we arrived at the airport. And you grabbed your bags and walked inside.

And I awkwardly lingered
And she said "I don't think he's coming back"
And I said "Oh..." (and my voice caught)
And thought he didn't even say goodbye.

And then you came back!
And rushed up and hugged me tight
And said "I love you. See you soon."
And I tried hard to Believe.

And oh, how far we've come.
And oh, how far we'll go.
And forever my ring will remind me of Hope
And the promise the lies within the Unknown.

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